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Latest News - 26/05/2017

Holiday Weekend and Low Water!

 It's a Holiday Weekend and for once the weather is not looking to be too bad.. or perhaps I should say that it could be worse! The weekend is of course Saturday and Sunday so I may not be saying the same about the Bank Holiday Monday.. it's looking a tad 'damp' at the moment.

We are stuck in here from 9.30am to 5.30pm on Saturday and then it's 10.00am to 4.00pm on the Sunday and Monday. Please do drop by if you need anything..

We have Sun and Heat forecast for Saturday with a light'ish wind starting off from the Sou'East and ending up as a Sou'West.. which means there is a possibility of Wind Sports taking place! :)
Sunday is currently forecast to be HOT with light cyclonic winds, so this is looking good for the SUP and Kayak participants (it's not too late to join them.. Demo SUP boards are available and Kayaks start from £329.00!).
Monday is.. well.. just keep your eye on it as not looking that great at the moment but it is still a long way off in today's weather forecasting terms.

The tides are pretty big this weekend .. Saturday it's High at 13.11hrs on a 6.7m. Sunday it's 14.01hrs on a 6.5m and Monday 14.51hrs on a 6.4m (there's a mistake on OUR tide tables as it say 13.51hrs.. sorry). One thing to remember with the Big Tides is that there is not as much water as you may think when it goes out and you may well come across (hit..) objects just under the surface in an area that you would not normally come 'across' them . We had a kitesurfer in today who damaged his kitefoil off of Lancing beach when he would have sworn he was far enough out to be in 'safe' water .. an expensive thing to happen to you.. so just in case this is the cause, please be aware that due to cable laying in that area there may be a change to the seabed and therefore 'possibly' the depth of water. I wonder when they will recover Moby Dig..anybody know??

And that is it for now.. time has once more stolen my opportunity to bore the pants off of you all! :)
Have a great weekend !

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