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Latest News - 09/06/2017

Wind.. Rain.. Happy Days!

 Well .. what a week for those that like strong winds and a good old 'shower' of rain! If you don't..  what an awful week that was!!

Hope you have managed to squeeze a sail or a kite or a SUP into your busy schedules and I am hoping to do the same this evening so forgive this brief update. I have been told that the roads are blocked due to the Wildlife Festival at Shoreham Airport so if you heading down be warned that it is a bit of a mess this evening...  very similar to the Election Result!
We have used items just in... 
Ezzy Elite 5.7 Mk3 2016 VGC  £TBA 
Tush Storm F10 6.5m 2010 in VGC £160.00
JP Xcite Ride 150 ES 2005 VGC £225.00
Starboard Carve 131 2002 in GC £199.00
We also have a selection of ex demo Ezzy C90 masts in most sizes. Please come in to view!
The new Hardback Vapor kite / wind  harness fro Pro Limit has arrived and they worth a look as they are at a much cheaper price than any other manufacturer  .. £229.00! Click Here for info
There is more to mention but out of time!!
So, this weekend looks to be staying windy but nothing like as strong as it has been (unless the sea breeze goes ballistic..) and should suit those who are trying to learn the art of kite and windsurfing. Should also be more friendly for those wishing to SUP or Kayak up the river as the tides are a perfect around High midday. :)  Note. As you go up the River the tide High is later.. Upper Beeding approx. 1hr after quoted port time
Current forecast is.. 
Saturday 12-20kts Sou- Sou- West winds. Tide High 12.48hrs 5.9m
Sunday 13-23kts Sou-Sou-West winds. Tide High 13.19hrs 5.9m
Shoreham will be best 2hrs up to High and 2 hrs after High (depends upon shore break though).
Do try and time you arrival and departure to miss any traffic delays and I hope your weekend is a cracker! 

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