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Latest News - 04/08/2017

HOT HOT HOT.. but NOT here! :(

 Here we go again.. after another week of glorious summer weather  the weekend looks to be following suit!  I bet all of those people currently  'cooking' in Europe wish they had our 'COOL Britannia' weather..  maybe we could arrange a swap, for a while, as a part of Brexit?? 

No time to prattle on tonight as I hope to get wet (and not by  rain either) so it is straight into what's happening..  nothing of note as far as I can see so let's go to the Tides as Bill has covered the weather! :)
Tides are now improving from being dumpy Neaps and Saturday it is 10.43hrs on a 5.4m and Sunday it's 11.23hrs on a 5.7m. Both good for Shoreham in the afternoon or up the River for a paddle (High tide is approx. 1 hr later by the time you get to Upper Beeding ). 
And there you have it.. we will be here all weekend so if there is anything you want HELP with then PLEASE do drop in, give us a Call or mail us!

PS. Here's a YOU Tube link to a clip about Ten places that dissapear with the tides!

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