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Latest News - 20/10/2017

Douglas on facebook... Hover board ahoy and the Weekend is ON!

 OMG.. it's 5.09pm.. the day has disappeared..and even though I have managed to catch up with one post that has only been outstanding for 24 years (re. Douglas.. Click Here to see our facebook page) I still have to get Hans Voorts pictures from a couple of weeks back loaded onto the page ( I will do soon Hans!!)..and then write the weekend rant!! I'd better get on with it then...

Well,I think it is going to be windy (where's the Short'cast Bill?.. I need you!") and hopefully not quite as strong as was originally forecast on Tuesday (gusting 75mph.. not very useful to most ) but unfortunately we won't know until it arrives...

One thing that won't be being used this weekend is a beautiful new Naish Hover 122 board and it's Thrust Foil.. Reason one, because it is too friggin windy (but maybe not.. anybody know the top end of one?) and Reason two, because it is a very wonderful present that has been bought for a young lady by her husband and she will be collecting it in a week's time. Please note.. all husbands need to buy their wife a Foil Board from now on! Of course it goes without saying that it also works the other way if the Lady does not sail!  Any make happily supplied. I hope the pictures do it justice and even though this is a dedicated Foil board (there are those that can be normally windsurfed as well) I would love to stick a couple of small fins in it and give it a go !  Promise I won't though 'L' .

So what of the winds (there's not much point talking about SUP as even inland waters will be blown out.. but hey, nothing quite like a head wind on a SUP to get a great workout! Saying that there will be good surf to be had in the harbour mouth.. could be a little bit 'busy' there though... and I bet Charlie Grey will be miles out to sea doing a downwinder on the swells .
Allegedly we will be getting 36kts gusting 45kts from the Sou-Sou-West on Saturday, with a dash of rain..poss heavy at times.. and then Sunday it is slightly less at 25kts gusting 34kts from the West with possibly a tad of North in it (LA or Hove a GO GO! .
Not so much rain on the Sunday either. Temps look to be reasonable at 16° and the tides... are not that great for Shoreham unless early morn or mid to late afternoon. Saturdays High is 13.08hrs on a 6.4m (ooer.. will the flood defences be needed?) and Sunday 13.39hrs on a 6.3m.

And that is it.. remember to 'Play till late' this weekend as it's your last one until March the 31st 2018.. CLOCKS GO BACK next weekend. Poop!! (No comments please.. I am scared of the 'Dark')

Have a Good'un!

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