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Latest News - 08/12/2017

What a week.. Foils R Us.. Used Sup and Tide tables are in!

 Cold... warm.. very warm.. bleedin' freezin! I think that sums up this week quite well! Wind on two days as well (although I think the winds were a bit too much for some yesterday morning) so quite an action packed week if you managed to get a little time off work. Not so action packed a day today though and having just walked into the town I can vouch that the temperature has gone through the floor but.. by Sunday it's right back up there to a healthy 10° as another 'low low' is tracking in bringing winds gusting to 50kts (not that friendly but I guess it is winter). Keep an eye on the forecast for the mid week as well, as once again it looks to be honking. Couple of (or three..) things to mention before I get to the tides etc... 

We have a lovely Used 2015 Fanatic Allwave Limited 8'3" x 32" (120lt) up for grabs. It has ION rail protection tape and there is a tiny mark on the nose. The owner has really looked after this board hence it's up for £799.00, which is about half the price of a 2018 model. First to view will buy.. hopefully.
The first production Windsurfing Hydrofoil from Fanatic, the Flow H9,  has arrived and very nice it looks too. Putting it together was a 'bit odd' but after a call to Nik Baker that was all sorted out (the screws are super tight to stop them vibrating loose). Nik seemed very enthused about foils, as did Alex Tobbutt from Naish who was in the shop earlier today, as both said that the fun is in using a very small sail to go lightwind freeriding.. rather than having to use a lot of cloth as we did in the past which put so many sailors off (heavy and hard work).  
Foiling on a windsurfer is said to be relatively easy but that may not mean 'easy'. The Fanatic foil has a spacer which alters the angle of attack of the trailing wing and that is there to make the foil a little more friendly when you are learning the art.. after which you can take it out to enhance the performance. It comes in a very nice carry case, which also  allows the padded parts to be removed from it, so that the foils and mast can be protected when constructed. Price is £749.00. So if foils are of interest to you drop in and have a 'touchy feely' session! :) 
And now the most important thing.... 2018 Tide Tables are now Available! As usual we do not ask for payment for these year round charts but if you would like to chuck a couple of coins of a reasonable denomination into the RNLI collection boat for our Local Station, they are very grateful.. as You will be if you have to meet them! 
OK, so the Tides are High on Saturday at 15.26hrs on a 5.7m
and then 16.29hrs on a 5.4m Sunday (useful as Shoreham should be sailable in the morning through to 2pm ish).
Shoreham Weather Station is still down and Gavins Weathercam site has the wrong time shown, so not 100% sure how accurate that is either. Maybe use Worthing Pier for Live Wind info as that seems to be pretty good.
And that is that.. stay warm and have a great weekend whatever you do.

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