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Latest News - 05/01/2018

The First of 2018.. It's the Weekend!

 "On The Twelfth Day of Christmas".. yes it's nearly all done and we can all move on to the next thing.. I imagine that the 'giving' period has now lost its appeal and most of us are thinking 'what I could have done with that money if I hadn't given it all away'... not saying it.. just thinking it. But it's done and we can now enjoy the wonders of a new year.. and start saving for next Christmas! :)

A lot of you have been having more than your fair share of a very good time over the festive period. By'eck.. has there been a lot of seasonal wind to enjoy and some epic surf to be had as well. It does seem to be abating wind wise (from a usable wind direction) over the next week but the surf forecast for Sunday is currently very good.. 1.9m or 6ft, if you are up for a full Brexit ;). Please do check this on Saturday evening though as I would hate to put a nice thought in someone's head only to have it ruined by reality. 
Winter Shutdown.. in years gone by we always reckoned that 2nd week of Jan to the end of Feb was the 6 week shut down, as it was just too cold to go out and if you did it really was not fun. Nowadays you just cannot tell what will happen in our winters but it isn't going to be exactly 'warm'. The improvements to winter wetsuits have helped us venture into slightly lower temps in more comfort,  not that you are warmer.. it is more that you can actually 'move' in the new style suits, but for the clever ones the exodus to South Africa for those hot winds and brighter days, it really is the only way to go. Difficult choice.. six weeks freezing your butt off or enjoying a Mecca for wind sports?
In the sun, wind most days, your money actually has a value,  but there's still with a familiar chill to the water to keep your thoughts on all of your friends suffering back home! :)  Those lucky enough to be heading south (never have been..) are now departing and we do wish them a safe trip and a very good time.. See you in the Spring! (and if you can't be one of those.. nip in and we will sort you out with hoods, vests, jackets, gloves and 6mm boots to make Blighty as happy a place as it can possibly be for the next 6 weeks).
So to the weekend.. cooler is the word.
Saturday sees winds 14 - 26kts from the Nor-East and with rain thrown in as well.. could go on all day :(  . Tides are high at 14.17hrs on a 6.2m and the surf is predicted at less than a metre.
Sunday sees the winds increase 25 - 35kts from the Nor-East but no rain shown at the moment and the surf is up to 1.9m--6ft ! Tides are High at 15.05hrs on a 5.9m.
Hope you enjoy your first weekend of the year and stay warm!
Picture courtesy of Google.

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