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Latest News - 19/01/2018

It's been a funny old week.. I mean day.. o'eck!

 Well, there goes another seven days and what a week weather wise.. there is no way you can get bored with our winter weather but whether you 'like' it or not is another matter! More weather coming for this weekend.. you lucky people!

I don't know why but today has been a funny old day.. it could have been to do with two customers wanting the same on offer board within 5 mins of each other.. one is happy and the other we are trying to work something out for... or maybe it was due to a customer currently out in Australia who sent a pic saying he was having a lovely time ( thanks Pete! :) .. and then we had another customer in who is going to Australia in two weeks time under the pretence that his son is getting married (a likely story Steve).. it's just not fair!!..  but he is also looking for an Elite Mk4 5.7m, just in case someone is considering trading one.
A Severne Nano 93 finally arrived for a customer (it's a bit of a wait as they are pretty much 'to order' nowadays) and we were interested to see one, as these boards are now being manufactured by a Chinese company (the Chinese have a reputation for being brilliant with a sewing machine but not always so hot when it comes to laminated products).  I have to say we were pleasantly surprised as the finish and quality re. the fittings is as good as we have seen from Cobra in recent years and if it sails as good as it looks.. all will be well! I guess Ben Severne will have been very careful about who makes his products..   
But to be honest, it's probably been a funny old day as it's now our stock take time.. so please help us out by coming along and buying something, as we really do not want to count it!! 😨  
So to the weekends outlook.. two days of sheer pleasure with rain forecast for both! Saturday is currently expected to be a day with light cyclonic winds.. rain earlier on but then expected to become lighter in the afternoon.  Sunday is currently showing winds from the West at 15-35kts with warm rain, as we have a 12° air temp.. which for January is 'odd'.
This of course could all change but the week coming up is also currently looking windy (another Storm for Wednesday!).
Tides are not too hot for Shoreham though as we have High on Saturday at 12.58hrs on a 5.9m and Sunday it's 13.31hrs on a 5.9m. So OK for early risers but if you are hungover then it's head West.. to possibly Littlehampton??
Sorry to have prattled on.. it's the 'Arkwright' disease playing up again!
Hope you all have a great weekend.

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