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Latest News - 16/02/2018

DID IT RAIN?? M23 and OLD ADVERTS.. but only after David Ezzy talks Sail Design!

 DID ANYBODY NOTICE THE RAIN THIS WEEK?? Seems hard to think that the first three days were just awful, but then yesterday (unless you were anywhere near the M23 ) and today have been so bright.. if still a little chilly. The brightness is forecast to hang around for tomorrow and Sunday morning but by the time I pack up on Sunday (1pm) for a week off the rain seems to be returning.. typical! 

Apologies but this is a bit of a quickie tonight as I've been on my own here today and been juggling my time between customers and getting an advert for Windsurf completed (James stayed at home to help fit a carpet that not only did not arrive but when called to find out where it was they were told that it had not even arrived in the UK!) and I failed on the advert.. never the customers! Sorry to Paul who does the advert prep. at Windsurf!! 
I do have a couple of 'adverts. to keep you amused though and an article of David Ezzy's on sail design, which all turned up when looking through the magazine for the J. Brookbanks on board design. It's a local's adverts section and all windsurfing orientated (Note.. only as SUP and Kites had not been invented.. or not as we now know it) but I hope it brings a tear to a few eyes.. nostalgia wise!
So to the weekends weather.. Saturday is sunny with light winds from the Sou' South West 8 knots- ish with the Tide being High at 12.07hrs on a 6.0m (perfect for paddling the local Rivers).
Sunday we should have winds once again Sou' Sou-West and hitting 20 kts plus in the afternoon.. with my Holiday Rain of course. Tide is High at 12.40hrs on a 6.1m.
That's it.. short and sweet.. but if I think of anything to add I will post it tomorrow. 

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