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Latest News - 09/03/2018

Warmer Weather.. Used Sails and a Board and DO NOT FORGET!

 Tis Friday Night and I'm back in the shop again after a week of looking after a wife suffering from the horrible Aussie Flu strain... I thought they were quite nice people before they sent us that. 😷 

It seems our Winter Weather has not been at all keen to leave and chatting with customers that sailed briefly yesterday (10° air temp yet felt more like 20° after the cold spell we have had)  they all said that the water was really cold.. well.. 6°C is a tad chilly.
The good news is that the weather for the weekend is looking to be warmer still at 11-12° and the winds on Saturday are from the South at 11-14kts, so Kites may well have a good session (bring all you hoods,gloves etc. as the water temp will cool the wind). On Sunday they swing to the East and drop a little. The tides are perfect time wise as the Highs are 17.20hrs on Saturday and 18.33hrs on Sunday (so low is around midday) but they are Neap tides and given as 4.8m,  so the tidal movement will not be huge and with an onshore wind it's perfect windsurf board / sail damaging conditions so do be careful launching and coming back in. Sunday could be a good day for a SUP / Kite downwinder... just don't fall in!
I believe Bill is back home after a 'winter warmer' in Capetown and we hope to have his Shortcasts posted again in the next few weeks as SPRING is coming (allegedly) and we need a bit of life back on the beach ! 
While I've been away we have had a few Used Items arrive..
Pics as attached to this post and pricing is to follow shortly so just ASK if there is anything you have been hankering after and I will give you first call on it, but only if the price is as you had hoped (the Bull stickers may have to come off of the sails.. they don't hide any damage).
You can see larger images on our facebook page
Have a great weekend and remember to NOT FORGET about Mothers Day on Sunday!! Good Luck..

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