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Latest News - 04/05/2018

Bank Hols Sun..Weather.. Opening Times and Jai sails at Worthing again.

 Yes!!.. it's the weekend and a Bank Holiday one at that..but it looks as though it will NOT RAIN.. how weird is that!

At last we have a normal forecast for the time of year. The daytime temperatures are looking fairly good for a leisurely paddle on the sea or up a river but do remember that the water is still cold so wear something for 'shock prevention' should you get shoved off by a 'friend'. The night temps are still a bit chilly but you can always put a coat on for the evenings barbie. We have a fair selection of inflatable boards as well as solids, so if you are in the buying mood please do drop in and have a chat.
More stock is imminent but these drastic changes in the weather have been catching us out and therefore some stock is arriving late.. as per the basic summer beach shoes which I have been asked for today.. it was 6° three days ago so forgive us as it is very hard to get it right.
Wind is probably off of the 'menu' and for those that are desperately craving their first bit of water time fun for 2018, it looks as though you will have to wait a little longer... so no point mentioning that we have stacks of kite and wind harnesses plus masts, sails, booms.. in fact everything you could possibly need for when 'that day' arrives! :)
facebook Group Discounts.. I need to mention this as a local group on facebook had a shop (from miles away) post a discount offer on their page which the members of the group quite understandably used. We were then asked why we don't post offers on their page. We have a problem with our page that no one seems to be able to sort out , as it will not allow us to message, Like or even view group pages, so it is difficult (almost impossible) for us to be 'active' in posting offers to local group customers or to defend our position as a local retailer supporting, in some way or other, the sports you participate in. So all we would ask is please let us know if such an offer is made and we will do our best to match it. At least you are then helping to keep a local shop open for those days when you need something 'there and then'. If we cannot match it or offer something comparative then all well and good.. that we can live with.. no worries! 
Next up is the Opening Times for the Holiday Weekend.
9.30 - 5.30pm on Saturday
10.00 - 4.00pm Sunday and Monday
Now the weather.. 
Saturday is dry.. winds are Nor- East to East and blowing at 8-10kts. Tide is High 15.21 on a 5.2m
Sunday is dry..winds are still Nor East to East and blowing at 6-8 kts. Tide is High at 15.59hrs on a 5.2m
Monday is dry..winds are just the same as Sunday and the tide is High at 16.52 on a 4.9m.
Last of all.. something that will last forever are the happy memories we have of a character who was such a big part of the windsurfing community from pretty much day one (and not just locally). .but memories fade and the holders of those memories move on, so it's a wonderful thing that the late great Jai Matthews has been remembered on Worthing pier and will last as long as his 'window to the sea' is viewed.. 
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the SUN! 

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