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Latest News - 11/05/2018

Where dit' Go.. UKWA , Nuts, Ezzy Wear and a bit of Hovering for the Weekend!

 What happened.. did someone say something??.. last weekend 28° and gorgeous and now this weekend.. Yes, it's back to good old honest British Summer Weather which as always we will endure with a stiff upper lip and a cheerful smile.😎

It is not looking great for the UKWA Windsurfing Race event over at Hayling on the Saturday but fingers are crossed for something on Sunday (that is always such a shame due to the work in putting an event together) and it's not looking too good for Saturday Night barbecues either! So what can I say that might make your weekend brighter??

We have a couple of very rare opportunites for you..

A Used Starboard Hyper Nut SUP surf board. It's an 8'0" 2017 Starlite model in very good condition and it comes with a board bag (RRD). Priced to sell at £799.00 ovno!  👍
(Sorry for the poor pic but the wind is 'enough' to blow the board off of the pads we use).

Next up is an opportunity to wear something 'Ezzy' should you be a keen owner of their products. Once in a while David decides to do a few promotional tees, sweats and hats but that really is 'once in a while'! Take a look at the pics and then you can find the price on the pricelist jpeg.
Let us know if you would like to Buy and we will have it at the shop next week (or we can mail order if ness).
You will get a 10% discount off of the prices as a Make Me Smile This Weekend Offer , so Happy Days! Any smiles yet??
Note. If you cannot see the pictures or pricelist clearly

If you have never seen a Naish Hover Windsurfing Foil board now is your chance as we have the current 2018 122lt and the 2019 142lt on the rack, along with their windsurfing Thrust Foil. These boards are specialist foiling (cannot be used with a fin, as yet as I am sure someone will make something to make it possible) and seem to go in very very low wind speeds when used with the Naish Lift Sail (in stock as well!) . Have a look at this You tube link.. 

So are you smiling now ??

Time has caught me out (still have boxes of stuff to un pack before departing) and so it is now to the weather..
Saturday is currently winds from the South at 4-8knots, 13° and rain coming in early afternoon (re. the BBC. Windguru say no..)
Tides are High at 9.41am on a 5.4m.
Sunday the rain stops early morning, the winds are 'expected to be from the West and reaching 17kts (BBC and Guru seem to agree'ish but do check it again Saturday eve. Tides are High at 10.27hrs on a 5.7m.

OK.. I have finished.. NOW YOU CAN SMILE!
Have a good weekend and do drop in if we can help with anything!

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