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Latest News - 14/05/2018

Challenging Weekend for 'some chap' and Natty

 Hope everyone got something out of the weekend.. rain or shine.. and at least we got a little bit of wind yesterday afternoon. 

On Saturday, just as the rain was starting, I nipped out to get the obligatory pint of milk (for afternoon tea..) and had a quick chat with a guy on his mountain bike, drinking a cup of coffee and looking for his rain jacket. I asked where he had ridden from and he said Bracknell.. off road. He had come along the trails through Bagshot, Pirbright and then picked up the Wey and Arun at Guildford, then down the Downs link to Shoreham, approx. 50 miles he reckoned. He was dead chuffed re. the rain as he said it would make the ride back challenging.. now there was someone getting a LOT out of a horribly wet and cold afternoon!
Then on the Sunday a young man called Natty got his first sail on his (or rather his Dads..) Fanatic 10'4" Premium SUP with HIS new Arrow iRig Small. Natty is only 6 but by the looks of this picture he is up for a challenge too.

I guess that must make it a Good weekend!

Note. Sorry.. I did not take a pic of the guy on the bike.. should have done as he deserved a bit of notoriety!
Thanks to Luke for the pics of Natty.

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