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Latest News - 25/05/2018

Bill's Weather Short'cast for the Holiday weekend

Forecast update:
There's a three day holiday weekend ahead of us as windless May comes to an end. The good news is that there is some wind, and that's best on Saturday afternoon.
The bad news is that the wind direction is mostly NE and for Brighton any wind with a lot of east in it often tends to flow over Baachy Head and arrive as a cross-off breeze with lots of gusts. If it's blowing NE then it tends to have more N in it by evening.
So to get the best of Saturday's wind we may have to be patient, waiting until low tide. Once the tide is rising again, the east-flowing current will help – but the early afternoon falling tide will see a downwind current.
The Met Office give the stronger wind for late afternoon and early evening anyway.
To deal with the NE direction it would be best to head to the other side of Beachy Head, and Pevensey Bay is one popular option. But Shoreham should also work for cross-to cross-off wind – with a better angle on the beach there than Hove or Worthing.
We may need big sails on Saturday as wind from the left is always weaker here – compared to a 'proper' starboard tack southwesterly. However, the best forecast I have seen gives 17-30mph for late Saturday afternoon.
On Sunday there could be a bit of wind too, but lighter and with more east in it for a while. Unfortunately, the Sunday tide times are all wrong for currents to be helpful. Monday's wind is much lighter and with variable direction but probably blowing onshore at S or SE for a while.
Take all your toys to the beach as the weekend weather looks pretty warm where the sun comes out.

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