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Latest News - 25/05/2018

Phantom 380 For Sale

 A longboard could be the answer to our current wind issues... a daggerboard allows you a greater upwind ability and can get you back to a beach whereas a board without will generally be 'struggling' . So how about a Starboard Phantom 380?? A customer in Hove has one of the most popular boards for inland and coastal race events up for sale (he bought it, spent money on getting it all together and then.. has not had the time due to other commitments to use it!). Charlie Grey went over it and put any structural issues to rights and the board has had all new straps. Not sure if the board bag in the background of one of the pics is included... you can ask.

Richard is looking for offers around £750.00 which is approx. what it has cost him and you can contact him on
* please share this with friends who may sail inland as these boards are quite rare and they may know of someone who would love to have it.  :)

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