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Latest News - 01/06/2018

Will it or won't it.. words from the Bible and Mick is fine!

 Half Term week and as though by magic.. it has been bleedin'awful weather! I guess it will depend upon where you are but Tuesday and Thursday both produced enough rain to keep the south of England WET for quite a while ( I was going to use the term 'biblical amount' but then remembered it was the 'Church Big Day Out' at Wiston near Steyning this week.. I didn't want to blame them for the weather) and then today we've been sat in sea mist.. all day long. 

Now I know I can moan a bit (Ok, a lot.) but Mays now done and dusted and still we are enduring the weird weather patterns that have been going since last July (next week shows strong Nor' East winds once again.. the Beast from the East never left!) but there is a little light as the coming weekend might be bringing wind from the right direction!! 
I say might as last week's forecast changed totally over Friday night,  so please do check again before rushing down to the beach tomorrow! No forecast from Bill Short as yet but maybe he will post something this evening.. but for now here's what they say..
Windguru reckon that Saturday will be Sou'West winds running at 12-16kts by mid afternoon with the tides High at 14.27hrs on a 5.8m.
Sunday is a tad less at 12-15kts by mid afternoon with the Tide High at 14.58hrs on a 5.6m.
The BBC seem to agree re. Saturday but have Sunday as light winds from the South and no sign of strong Nor'East winds next week either.. I wonder who will be right?
Good news is they both agree that both days will be dry .. could be worse! My fingers are crossed... :) 
Have a good weekend whatever you get up to.
PS. I have at last heard from our intrepid sail repairer, Mick Brown, who for years wanted to do a bit of single handed sailing around the UK coast and is now 'out there' living the dream. He emailed from The Isles of Scilly and has sent some great pics.. just waiting for the OK to facebook them and will post ASAP (but I had to sneak just one in!)

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