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Latest News - 02/06/2018

Captain Browns Adventure!

 You can see full size pictures on our facebook page

I mentioned yesterday that our sail repairer, 'Captain' Michael Brown, was out on an adventure sailing his boat around the coast of southern UK (single handed and only his second trip ever.. not bad going). He sent us these pics of his trip so far and I thought it was worth sharing them as there are a couple of crackers (not of huge sea's.. it's only a small boat!) and the dolphin shots are superb. I believe the name/make of his fold up tender is a Wooden Widget.. it's just amazing. He is currently on his way back to the Cornish coast from the Isles of Scilly (it's so pretty there.. why rush to leave!) and then heading south to the channel islands when the weather conditions are fair.
Hope you enjoy his pics and if you need a sail repaired we have another chap that's covering for Mick whilst he is away!

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