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Latest News - 08/06/2018

Update! Broadband Fault means we are....

We are back online so apologies for any inconvenience etc.!
This has meant that we are running very late so no Friday update.. will try and do 1st thing tomorrow. 

 We have a problem Houston.. we're totally buggered as our phone line had a fault on Wednesday but they came and fixed it today.. now we have no line and no broadband either! ! Phone line on 465366 is ok but if you're waiting a resonse via email or for a shipping quote I am sorry but we are currently not able to respond. Please pass this on so  everyone is in the know. Our apologies and hope to be back soon.. ( I have the same issue at home so using a mobile there and now here to post this and now running out of data.. I love technology! ) .


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