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Latest News - 15/06/2018

Friday Night and it's Windy for the weekend!

 The weekend is here and for the first time in ages we have a Windy Friday evening! Currently 20kts West-Sou'west and everyone is hoping that it will not switch back to a Nor'west direction too early this evening (the wind was from the Nor'west this morning and then turned as the 'local effect' kicked in). I have posted quite a bit of info today which I do hope has been of interest and so I guess that pretty much leaves me with posting the tide times for the weekend..

Saturday.. High is at 14.00hrs on a 6.5m. 
Sunday it's High at 14.51hrs on a 6.4m.
Wind is forecast for both days and increasing with 'the effect' in the later afternoon. These Spring tides are great for River paddling but remember you may have a strong headwind when coming back towards the coast and DO NOT get your times wrong, as when the water starts to flow it really will flow! 
I have to mention Andy one more time today as a year is a long time to forget and a day is too short for remembering.. Tam Mullen put together a slide show a couple of years back which if you never met Andy gives you a pretty good idea of Andy's personality, which was always "let's give it a go" !
Click Here Please.
Have a truly wonderful weekend and stay as safe as you can please!

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