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Latest News - 25/06/2018

Inflatable Wind surf Rig works for Izzy!

 Typically we didn't quite get the weekends weather we thought as the winds were lighter than predicted and it was a tad chilly and overcast at times .. but today is glorious and they say we have 2 weeks of Beach Weather on its way! Some people had a great Sunday afternoon on the water though.. Izzy from Hove had her first go on her new O'shea iWind inflatable rig and her Dad (Jeremy) was good enough to give us an initial report on the rig.. as below!

Dear James and Danny,
The rig (Oshea iWind in Medium) took no more than 3 minutes to pump up.
Note. You have to be careful not to use the dual pump as it blew the connector off. You need to use only the single cylinder of the Titan Pump and the screw on the connector does not permit very many turns, so it is important to be careful about putting it on or it will disconnect on over tightening. It stayed inflated for over 2 hours; and took about 3 minutes to deflate and pack up.
Izzy has only had about 30 minutes windsurfing (at Hove Lagoon last year) as part of a general water-based activity course. She found it incredibly easy to pull up from the water!
I also had a go ;) and found it pretty difficult as there was so little wind and the board was pretty unstable. Izzy had a much better time!
All in all, a great afternoon and a great new toy.
Best wishes,
Yours, Jeremy
Note. Jeremy is slightly larger than Izzy so the rig did not provide him with any power (pull) to 'balance' himself against...essential when the wind is onshore (as it was) as the board is being 'tipped' by the waves striking the side making it very unstable. The good news is that both Arrows and O'Shea supply inflatable Windsurf rigs in larger sizes for Adults! Inflatable Rigs start from just over £300.00 and work with any Wind SUP board.n

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