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Latest News - 25/06/2018

Captain Browns Adventure continues..

 Mick Brown, our intrepid seafaring sail repairer, has made it to the  Channel Islands and has sent over another batch of pics (not all 'at sea' but great as it gives you an insight into the places he visits.. getting jealous of his trip now!) and here is the 'Captain's Log'.. rather brief but to the point !

Hello Chaps!
Still alive! Made it to the Channel islands but it was a horrible crossing as a big following swell made the boat wallow around like a pig. Nice now I'm here though. Spent a week in Beaucette Marina on Guernsey. Currently dried out on the beach at Herm Harbour which is very pleasant. 
Sark next.
So please keep your eye out for Mick if you are on the C.I.
A certain Mr White comes to mind.. hang on.. that is a bit worrying as that means Mr White and Mr Brown.. anyone ever seen RESERVOIR DOGS!!! 😨😨

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