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Latest News - 06/07/2018

Paddle Round the Pier, a lot of used kit, oh, and a football match!

 Running very late today and I had hoped to try and get a lot of traded kit etc. onto the website or at least listed on here.. but no. There are however pics of Used windsurf kit (no more inflatable SUP's at the moment) and I will add prices etc. tomorrow but thought that seeing may at least spark 'interest'... for when we have wind again (very light breeze from the south today).

(You can see larger pictures on our facebook page.. Click Here)
Light winds will bode well as it is Paddle Round the Pier in Brighton this weekend and good weather is what they pray for.. this year they should have their prayers answered.. unless the forecast radically changes of course!
No forecast from Bill but there could be a good reason for that.. a total lack of wind is currently the guess.  I also guess that 90% of people will have already 'booked' their Saturday afternoon to watch a certain football match, probably on the Big Screen on Brighton Seafront..  not sure if Paddle Round the Pier have got something in place? We expect Shoreham's  beach to be a lot quieter from around 3pm so if you are not into football then come on down!:) 
I hope we get the result that so many are hoping for.. could not deal with so many depressed peops!
Tides for the weekend are..
Saturday, High is at 18.31hrs on a 5.2m 
Sunday, 19.46hrs on a 5.3m
Both days perfect for the kids at Shoreham as the tide is out midday.
Have a good evening and an even better weekend.. if that's possible!
PS. Just bought a book from a guy who was selling them on the Ferry Bridge..he typed it with one finger.. but more of that tomorrow. :) 

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