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Latest News - 13/07/2018

The beach of dreams, Naish foils Sale, Lifeboat pin up, RRD is in and hot weather is on way out!

 By'eck, there's a lot going on this weekend and not just at Shoreham ! 😉

Yes, it's time for the annual fun festival at Shoreham Beach which is known as Beach Dreams. The fun fair rides are in place and the sound stage and Marquees are pretty much ready for the Friday evening kick off. Talking of kick offs , apparently there is a bit of an issue with the groups lined up to play on Sunday afternoon.. they either want to watch the Football or the Tennis// makes you wonder what would have happened if England had gone through! You can find out what & when is going on at the event site by visiting

Next up is a Windsurf Foiling Sale.. Naish are about to launch their 2019 foil kit which means we now have to slash our current in stock foiling products by 20%.. aggh!

Naish Hover 122 foil specific board 2018 was £1699.00 - now £1359.00

Naish Thrust windsurf foil 2018 was £1049.00 - now £839.00

Naish Lift 5.7m sail 2018 was £649.00 - now £519.00

You can see the kit in use at

Think I might go for a walk in the sea and hope I float..

Which leads me nicely into this next bit of local info! Andrew Gilbert from Hove, who you may know or remember from previous posts, was very glad that he heeded the RNLI advice about 'floating to survive' especially when he lost his windsurfer out at sea off of Hove last winter. The RNLI then featured Andrew in their video campaign and now he has hit the front page of the Lifeboat Mag.. where will it take him next!

RRD have now released their new harness range and we have received two of the windsurf waist models. The Perfo soft backed comfort harness which comes in at £115.00 has a Quick fit spreader bar and pad, and then the Energy Support harness which has a more substantial back support, spreader bar and pad comes in at £169.00. We also have the RRD Water Helmets which cover the brain box against possible damage and all for £69.00! Happy days.

One thing that is not happening this weekend though is the wind that they forecast for Sunday earlier in the week. In fact the forecasters all seem to have different timings for the weather as a whole during the next few days (BBC say rain poss tonight but then a warm and dry windless weekend) but wind is now possible Tuesday... fingers crossed please by everybody that wants a little wind!

As for the weekend.. Bill I think has fallen asleep with the boredom of High Pressure so all I can say is that winds are light 8kts and coming from a roughly south direction on Saturday and Sunday. Tides are High 13.01hrs on a Spring 6.5m Saturday and then 13.53hrs on a 6.6m Sunday.


Enjoy the sun as it looks as though the weather is changing when the schools break up.. just like last year!! 

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