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Latest News - 20/07/2018

No time for anything.. and there is now wind for Weekend Racing!! :(

Way too late now to do  Friday afternoon blog..  

I was going to put up pics of two used Severne 015 Blades in VGC (3.0m @ £229.00 and a 4.7m at £239.00) plus a used Severne Blue Line 400cm RDM mast at £140.00 and .. mention that we have a used Starboard Atomic IQ 124 2016 Carbon which is going on at around the £800.00 mark (its owner has bought the Naish 122 Hover and WS Thrust foil we mentioned last week..). I was also going to mention some of the NEW 2019 kit that Andy Chambers dropped by with on Wednesday (new X sail range, new foils , NP goes back to Neil Pryde etc. etc.) but I have no time for any of that, so onto the weekends weather...
As there is a UKWA Windsurfing Slalom Event on in Worthing this weekend typically wind is off of the menu (so frustrating and feel really sorry for Nik Baker who organises it) with just light breezes from a Southerly direction. .. Sunday see the winds going around to the West but staying light. Fingers crossed that the Worthing Effect produces something that they can get out and race in (I think they have a foiling class).
Tides are..
Saturday 06.26hrs on a 5.1m Neap (low at approx 12.30hrs) and Sunday 07.31hrs on a 4.9m (please note that our tide tables have the 7 missing so it looks like 0.31hrs.. sorry!).
So we hope your weekend goes well and we will be here again at 9.30am tomorrow morning!
Click Here for more info on the racing at Worthing.

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