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Latest News - 27/07/2018

Was Hot Hot Hot.. now WET with WIND! :)

 What a week.. Hot as you like with yesterday.. almost at bonnet cooking temps (the courtyard thermometer registered 40° at my dear old Mums Care Home in Storrington.. and I don't think she had the heating on! :) but almost as by some mystical power the first official weekend of the School Hols is currently alleged to be bringing WIND and RAIN.. both of which we have been rather short of recently. Do keep your fingers crossed that we get both as we need the wind for FUN and we NEED the rain, for ourselves and to keep the little critters going (if you have been inland and taken a look at the lakes and streams.. water is rather short).

Quick update on a few items of kit.. Arrows IRigs (inflatable windsurf Rig) in the Small and Medium sizes are now available again and in stock (great for travelling with and do work incredibly well considering the design).
Red Paddle are short on their Ride 10'6" (we have only one in std.colours and one in SE colours left in stock.. call us if you want to reserve!) and we are down to our last STX 10'6" (very well made double layer board which sells at £550.00 ) with no more coming in this year. Plenty of stock in the way of harnesses (wind and Kite), wetsuits, helmets, shoes and pretty much anything you may need to get out on the water!
The weekend forecast, which Bill has already covered, is 'said' to be windy and fingers crossed that they are right but the tides are set in stone and they are a happening at..
Saturday 12.44hrs on a 5.9m
Sunday 13.15hrs on a 5.9m
Worthing will be good late morning and early afternoon but Shoreham will be great from a couple of hours after the high tide right through into the evening.
As Bill said.. do have a quick look over your kit before you go out as ropes and UJ's / Tendons need to be serviced on a regular basis (kite lines should also get replaced after a reasonable period of time..).
Have a great weekend!
PS. Please don't complain about the heat.. this place will look like the last pic soon enough.. FEEL the COLD!  😨

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