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Latest News - 07/09/2018

Weekend Weather Short' cast is in.

 Bill's forecast is in...

It’s Friday so here's a weekend wind forecast.
There’s low pressure to the northeast of the UK but this has less effect on the south coast, so I think we’re in for a weekend of marginal winds, pepping up at times.
Today, Friday, we have a small branch of the Jet Stream overhead and, like yesterday, we should see a brisk WSW wind set up in the Southeast this afternoon, despite the sky clouding over. 
The wind hit 23mph yesterday with the help of an approaching shower front but I suspect the wind will peak earlier today and it may not be quite so strong.
The Met Office give 16-22mph at around 4pm but that coincides with low tide so it may disappoint – given the ‘low tide lull’ we often see.
Unlike yesterday, there’s not much to drive the wind into the evening for afterwork sailing. Note that it’s now pretty dark by 7.30pm anyway.
Forecasts for the weekend wind still vary. The Jet Stream is absent for Saturday and then returns later on Sunday, but the Met Office and GFS-based forecasts like Windguru and XCweather disagree on what happens.
The Met Office give SW 17-25mph for most of Saturday afternoon, albeit with a possible shower and wind peak at about 2pm. (So that’s a bit windier than Friday, and earlier.)
On Sunday there’s the potential for clearer skies and the best forecast on offer as I type this is WSW 15-26mph with another 4pm peak. Sunday should also be a bit warmer and more of a late-summer ‘beach day’.
In summary, this is not an autumn waveboard weekend and nor will it feel like high summer. But you should be able to get in a few windsurf sessions if you have bigger kit or a freestyle board.

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