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Latest News - 07/09/2018

Windy Weekend, Clearance Season Starts and it's time for.. Christmas Cards!

 September has arrived and in Retail World that can mean only one thing.. Merry Christmas!! 😏

As much as you may love or hate the Festive Season I do think kicking it off in the first week of September deserves a large helping of Bah' Humbug. So you will be glad to see that the only mention of Christmas we will make from now until at least the second week in December is..
These cards are the brain child of Chris Dymond from Leatherhead and as he has been a wind and water addict for the last 25 years we are going to back up a fellow addict and put an order in.
The fact that these cards will retail for £1.80 each (most decent or specialist cards are now well over £3.00 in the shops.. if not more) is a very fair price and will not be breaking the bank to get a few for the close friends who may appreciate the fun side of them. The cards are made from recycled materials, come with a Blank inside (you can devise your own 'personal' message... ) and have a very nicely recycled look (not sure if it is but..) plain brown envelope that all goes along very nicely with our reasonably enviromentally friendly sports. Chris is also donating 10% of all card sales to the Marine Conservation Society which is another good reason to buy a few!
I've attached his two sample sheets and if you would like to pre-order any please just drop us a line and we will add them to our order (you can pay on delivery).
WIND is back and the current weekends outlook has been covered by Bill earlier today so all I need to say is that we have 18kts of Sou' West blowing at the moment.
The tides are High in the morning over the weekend so Shoreham will come into play in the afternoon (Worthing over the High and then Shoreham on the drop). 
Tide times are..
Saturday 10.59hrs on a 6.2m 
Sunday 11.49hrs on a 6.5m
Mad Season is either here or about to start on the 2018 Kit Clearance. Whether it's good or bad there is not as much as in previous years due to most of the manufacturers cutting back production to prevent wastage of resources but if there is anything you've been thinking about please do let us know as you may get lucky. We can check if it's available and if it's a Yes we can then attempt to stir your purse or wallet into opening up with a fair price! If you've already seen it online then please do ask us if we can supply as we will always do our best to Price Match where and when we can.
And that's it for today which only leaves me to say something..
Have a very Merry.. Weekend !

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