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Latest News - 09/09/2018

Another Leaving Do and such a Sad one.

 This story is about two people who deserved better.. Jai Matthews who passed away last summer due to a cancer 

and now his dear wife Wendy has left us as well.
Gavin Baylis has written a lovely farewell to Wendy on Another Hard Day...
Many of you over the years knew Jai, and how he left us last year. What maybe some of you did not know was that his Wendy was also ill, and she joined Jai earlier this week.
Since Jai passed she was in remission however her illness returned in the summer, and in her own words what has happened to her beloved Jai and herself these past 18 or so months is "surreal" and she wanted us to not be "maudlin" but it's so hard to get your head around what has happened to both of them.
Her "Leaving Do" is 28th September at 15:00 at St Andrews Church, Ferring.
Gavin Baylis 08 09 2018
I just want to add a few words to expand on what Gavin has said..
Jai was so troubled throughout the whole episode as to be diagnosed with a terminal cancer is as bad as you would think but then to have his lovely Wendy also diagnosed with a different but just as serious cancer within weeks, that is truly shattering. How the heck the pair of them stayed sane when faced with such a battle is beyond me but incredibly they both did and it beggared belief that any God in existence would let it end in the most awful way that it did with Wendy making a good recovery but poor Jai finally succumbing to a side effect of the illness while she waited for him during a pretty routine rehydration visit to the hospital. Saying goodbye to Jai was bad enough for his friends but for Wendy.. the hurt that poor girl went through is just not fair. But that was not enough, it turned out that Wendy had not fully recovered as we now know and as Gavin has said, once again a 'Leaving Do' is in place.
It has been such a sad story and one that you would not wish ever to write about other than to help clear it from your mind. I have no faith but truly hope that there is an afterlife where Jai and Wendy will be together again and that this time it will last for eternity. Surely such a sad story deserves a happy ending? Take care you two..

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