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Latest News - 14/09/2018

An all new Weekend is here and maybe time to Order Taka 5's !

 Friday is once more here and boy do they come around quick, now that the days are worth less due to the sun not being around for so long! But there is always something on the Horizon to make you smile and today (as mentioned earlier..) it is News of a New Taka 5 sail from Ezzy. These are seen as specialist sails and will not be everyones cup of tea, hence the 'To Order Only' but if wave riding is your 'thing' then you really should give one a go (I was slightly surprised to see Matt Pritchard say that it was his favourite sail for back loops and double forwards as the Taka is not 'thought of' as an aerial display sail). So here is the Official Launch text for the Taka Mk5 is below and the sails are.. due soon!

Ezzy are happy to release the latest generation of the Taka.
As you may already know, David Ezzy moved to Maui in the early 80's and was part of the first generation of Hookipa windsurfers, who themselves paved the way for wave sailing to evolve as part of our sport. I grew up surrounded by this history and I dedicated myself to wave sailing. The Taka , our 100% no-compromise wave sail comes from this heritage. 
Of all our sails the Taka is the one that is the easiest to go vertical into the lip. The Taka is also the easiest for landing back loops and it's also my sail of choice for doing double forwards plus wave 360's. The magic of the Taka is the 3 plus a 3/4 batten shape that goes neutral when the sail luffs . This means that the sail goes completely flat when sheeted out in a cutback or when it passes through the eye of the wind in a back loop.

The Taka is the sail that I ride at Hookipa and at Jaws, so it needs to be strong. I need to trust the Taka when mast-high waves are breaking on my head! The Taka can also be ridden when set extremely full (at the MIN. 2 downhaul setting). This gives the sail even more power to get you out and onto the waves but because the sail goes neutral so easily it still is very manoeuvrable for wave riding. The Taka is for hardcore wave riders who don't want to compromise. 
Written by Matt Pritchard
So there you have it. The T5 is due very soon but please be aware that Taka's are an To Order Only sail so please do let us know if you are thinking of upgrading your Taka 2 / 3s. We will have a demo sail for those that are teetering. The Sail Specs are in the pictures section (remember when choosing sizes to 'drop 1 ' as a 5.3m Taka has the same power pretty much as a 5.7m Elite!) and the pricing is..
3.4m £580.00
3.8m £585.00
4.1m £595.00
4.5m £600.00
4.7m £610.00
5.0m £620.00
5.3m £630.00
OK.. moving onto the weekends weather which is looking pretty good once again for windsports with light'ish Sou West winds on Saturday (for those on the learning curve ) and then they increase and turn more to the South for Sunday which should give good sailing / kiting conditions somewhere locally. Temps are staying at around an ok 17° (that will soon be classed as HOT) and NO RAIN shown at the moment so SUP will be a goer as well if you head to sheltered areas. Downwinders are always fun and I am sure with a bit of thought and co-operation with vehicles a lot of fun can be had quite easily. Tides are on the up in the afternoon with it hitting High at 15.56hrs on a 5.9m Saturday and then at 16.37hrs on a 5.4m Sunday.
That's it and we hope your weekend is full of Joy and Happiness.. or whatever it is that makes you Smile! 👌

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