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Latest News - 17/09/2018

SHOP CLOSED FOR 3 DAYS reminder and Graham is foiled!

 Cracking day here at the coast today and as we are closing the shop from Tomorrow until when we re-open this coming Saturday it looks to be WINDY which is unbelivable when looking back at the majority of forecasts for the week on Friday! No need to get your foils out as solid wind is expected but as Graham Highsted (if you need an electrician see Graham ! ) forwarded me this video link of himself riding a 135lt JP foil board with a Slingshot Foil off of Shoreham we should all get to have a look (you can see how light the wind is). It is an Instagram Link so I have left the link showing (click on it to view).

We have a 135lt Full Wood on the shelf at £1699.00 and there is now also a 120lt available for 2019 with the ES version retailing at £1299.00 making a foil and board available for under £2K !
Have a good week and will be back 'online' and in reality at the shop on Saturday!
PS. If anyone lost a Drinks Bottle (think it was owned by the friend of a kitesurfer who purchased a Mystic Shorty and Atan Madisson boots??) you left it at the SHOP.. please call and identify the brand. :)

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