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Latest News - 28/09/2018

Weekend once again.. and Select are Big as a Harvest Moon!

 So here it is again.. the weekend has arrived and the weather is looking slightly cooler than in the week but a lot better than the weather we endured last weekend.

I'm running very late and was going to post info on the  of Select Windsurfing Weed fins which have just arrived (they are quite impressive size wise) but that will have to wait until tomorrow (a pic is it for now but check the blade lengths if you want a powerful weedfin). The winds for the weekend must be not worth thinking about otherwise Bill would have posted a Short'cast but in case you've not looked tomo looks to be 8kts Sou' East and Sunday 11kts from the Nor' West. The tides are not as big as the Harvest Moon that has been hanging around might suggest, as Saturday it's a 6.2m which hits the High at 14.37hrs (River paddling looks to be a good call.. especially if you are a little late getting up due to a Friday evening 'session') and Sunday it drops back to a 6.0m High at 15.05hrs. No rain shown and temps look to be around 16°... could be better.. could be worse! 
Enjoy it for what it is with whoever you're with and whatever you manage to fit in!

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