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Latest News - 12/10/2018

Callum is here.. as is the Weekend!

Friday evening and the winds brought along by a certain Mr Callum are hitting the UK hard as we speak.. but for our part of the coastline it has been a little less than the forecasts suggested.. currently they say 24kts when we in fact have 14kts. His winds are still around tomorrow morning though and the rain has been shifted to Sunday so happy days for those that want a Windy Saturday, 
but those winds will be dropping off as the tide gets close to High as happened today. 
With the winds coming from the South it will be pretty much dead onshore locally and you will need to sail early if coming to Shoreham. Worthing, Littlehampton and further West will be sailable to a slightly later time but again an onshore sail whereas Pagham could be a good bet for a cross shore sail and the waves should be good but I heard that it was pretty much onshore today due to the East in the wind direction so do check the forecast before you rush over there tomorrow (some forecasts show it still having East in it so poss Bracks and the Witts if enough East?). 
Tides have been big Springs but are now dropping back (the River was 'quite high' when I walked over to the Town at 2.30pm) so if a river paddle is in your thoughts make sure you get your tide times right as the water will MOVE when the slack period ends (biggest amount is during the 3rd / 4th hours after high tide and of course after low tide when incoming). High tide at Upper Beeding on the Adur is almost an hour later than at Shoreham Harbour. Also it may be worth organising a vehicle being left at the end of your paddle as heading back into a wind coming from the South will not be fun (unless you are like Mr Phil Dobner who seems to enjoy odd things like that.. :) .
Tide Times are High at 14.45hrs on a 6.2m Saturday 
Note. The onshore winds will drive more water into the rivers so it may seem a bit weird height wise and the harbour mouth surf breaks will be 'busy' so book now! 
Sunday High is at 15.17 on a 5.8m
Sunday now looks to be a day of rain with winds coming down from the North so perhaps we will consider what to do about that after another look at the forecast tomorrow!
Hope your weekend goes well and as James has been sorting through all of the Winter suits now could be a very good time to grab a previous seasons bargain or take a look at the 2019 offerings! 

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