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Latest News - 09/11/2018

A weekend of wind?? and Remembrance

 Is it really the weekend already?? Funny but a bit of wind always seems to make 'Time' speed up.. must be because everything is getting blown around! Pretty warm temperature wise as well (cycled over to Rottingdean after work on Monday.. two tee shirt type tops were all we needed, which for November is weird!) so it should be a very pleasant weekends watersports. I say should as the wind forecasts are now starting to differ (as usual) with some saying strong all weekend and others saying 15-18mph most of Saturday and slightly more on Sunday. One customer who drives down from Milton Keynes has already called to see what we thought would happen.. so he is getting up very early and planning to stay down as if the winds are in then the kite and windsurf conditions will be good. The swell is pretty much definite even if the wind is not, so surf and Wave SUP should be on. Rain also looks to be playing a part but again that is forecast as all day or the odd shower (frustrating isn't it) but we will as always will get what we get! The Tides are midday'ish so that will make a big difference as to where to go depending upon the wind direction.. call if you want help!

The Tide is High at 12.42hrs on a 6.3m Saturday and then High at 13.14hrs on a 6.1m Sunday.
Good luck with whatever you are aiming to do! :) 
A few New items to mention that might open a wallet / purse or two over the coming weeks.. :)
Neil Pryde's Mk2 Flight AL foil is now available! The pink has gone and the new blue makes it look a little more inviting. The foil finish / fit is excellent and for an alloy it is pretty light. Main change on the Mk2 is the removal of the 'hum' that was associated with the Mk1 (some people liked the 'hum' though..). Price for this Deep Tuttle foil is £799.00
Pro Limit has a spectacular suit for anyone wishing to combine Warmth, Comfort, ease of Entry and more so EXIT! The Mercury Front Zip 6/4mm is soooo soft and stretchy plus it has an easy double sided pull over neck seal which is why the suit really easy to put on and take off. The interior is a mix of plush lining and easy glide neoprene which dries quickly and wicks away that damp feeling. So far everyone has been very impressed (this is the 2nd year of this suit) and not just in Shoreham, as stocks at Pro Limit are already diminished! So now is the time to take a look-see if interested.. 
The Mercury is available in Front and Back Zip (both in stock) and the price is £279.00 in the UK (more on the Continent!). Colour Options are Grey, Dark Blue and Blue White (as pic) but not all sizes are available in each colour.
Northcore have what they call the 'Pro Beach Basha' which is a Poncho designed for all weathers. The outer shell is a tough rain coat type of material and then the removable inner poncho is the normal towelling material. Wear both in the winter and then remove the inner for washing or for using the outer as a Shelter Style jacket to wear over your wetsuit in-between sessions. Then dump the outer in the summer and use just the inner as per the norm. Two sizes available.. S-M and L-XL (out of S-M but will have in again by mid next week)
Duotone have released a new EPX Carbon Boom range which is very very reasonably priced. They offer a 140-190cm with 25mm Skinny grip for just £499.00, a 175-225cm new school shape with 29mm grip for £599.00 and a 190-250cm classic shape 29mm grip for £699.00.
There will be a 140cm here next week if you would wish to come and check one out..
And that is about it except to say that this is the weekend you really do have to spare a thought for the millions of people from so many countries who lost their chance of fun or just life during the 1914-18 war. It may be 100 years ago but growing up as a kid of the sixties I still remember so many older men in the village who had missing limbs and horrible scars but who were still managing to smile and deal with it even after a life of pain and struggle, as they knew they were the lucky ones. Remember to buy a Poppy.. 

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