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Latest News - 16/11/2018

Wind and Waves but where?? plus Children are in Need and a board with No Name!

 OMG.. it's already 5.30 and I've not had a chance to write the Weekends 'blog' (more like FOG here today..) so this really is a quickie! The weather has been pretty good for November Fun on the Water (not a usual thing..) and tomorrow is lining up to be OK once again.. maybe even GREAT for those that want to play in the waves.. if the swell and winds come together.

If you have looked at the forecasts we have winds coming in from the East / Nor'East and a a swell pushing in from the West. Working out 'where' the best place to be will depend upon the actual wind direction and the state of the tide (which are Neaps this weekend) so this will mean an early rise to check the updated forecast in the morning in case a quick 'Trip' is required. Bill was looking at where earlier but guess he is still pondering over his charts and rubbing his lucky lump of seaweed (we know it's all down to Magic Bill!). Good luck and I hope you hit the right spot (Shoreham is a possibility) !
Last week I posted a few Used Items and have been trying to get the pictures taken but weather etc. has made it difficult. I have got the boards captured on chip though.
The Exocet Usurf Pro 68lt is a 2009 model that was purchased new in 2012 hence the mix up in years. The board is in VGC and would be a great board for a 60-70kg rider (it's not a small 68!). Single fin but hey.. we rode those for years and they worked just fine! Price is now at £299.00 due to the year and it does come with a perfect condition Select Pro Wave 19cm US fin.
Now for an odd one... the board is a JP Pro Freestyle Wave 78lt 2011 model with no graphics!! As far as I understand the owner had them removed as it needed a couple of minor repairs and that messed up part of the graphics.. so they took the lot off! The board is very light but solid (no soft spots noted) plus it has a Powerbox which for 78lt boards is rare and for a lightweight sailor it gives them the opportunity to run a good sail range on this board (I would use 4m to 6.2m on it). It comes with the original JP 23cm G10 Freestyle wave fin and at only £140.00 it is going to give a lot of fun per £1.00 to someone (no one will know what board you are on either!) .
And that's that for the Used Kit.. I will try and get the sails etc. on shortly.
Now for the Tides, which are... 
Saturday is High at 18.34hrs on a piddly 4.7m (Low midday but not a lot of diff between High and Low)
Sunday's High is at 19.35hrs on a massive 5.0m !
Do watch out for the 'chomped channel' getting in and out of the water, as the Neaps do like diggin' holes.
And that's me done.. maybe watch Children in Need tonight if you dare (promises to be a tear jerker.. or maybe just give the money and don't watch it!) and we should spare a moment's thought for those who have lost damned near everything in a place called Paradise. Now how the heck (was going to say hell but maybe not) does that have to happen there when it could have happened anywhere that was not called Paradise? It's really sad and feel so sorry for them.
Good luck with whatever you get up to and have fun! 

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