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Latest News - 23/11/2018

It's the Weekend for Fun.. Cortex and JP Foil Slate ahoy!

 Oh yes.. It's the weekend and as far as one in November goes it is sadly a little Dull and Gloomy! It looks like we will be subjected to light but chilly wind from the East / Nor' East on both days but just to make things a little worse Saturday currently looks to be wet as well. I get a feeling it could be a perfect day to find a nice country pub and put your feet up in front of their fire! Sunday however has a hint of brightness about it and if wind and waves are your thing.. then next Wednesday is looking hopeful.

Shop News.. Karl Cadwallader, the Cabrinha Agent from Pryde Group dropped in on Wednesday to show us a new wetsuit from Neil Pryde he had just got his hands on and one of the latest SUP/SAIL foil boards from JP that he had bought for his own personal use. Just as a bit of background info a few years back the Neil Pryde Group in Hong Kong decided to rebrand the wetsuits and harnesses (including the Cabrinha range) into a new brand called NP (short for Neil Pryde.. :) but that is now all finished and the suits are back under the Neil Pryde banner. The suit Karl had with him is the first of the 2019 Winter models which is a double lined multipurpose suit called the Cortex. Yamamoto neoprene throughout and priced at £269.00 it is a good looking suit put together with the normal Pryde good quality. These suits are available now and the all new Recon / Combat suits (approx. £430.00) are coming in at the start of next year. Here's the link to the site if you fancy taking a look.. Click Here

 He also had with him a rather nice and new JP Foil Slate 8'10" Pro. These boards are a one does all, as you can SUP it, SUP Foil it, Windsurf it or Wind Foil it. The board has a conventional Tri fin set of boxes for normal SUP or Sail use and then the tracks for use with a foil , making it an all round water toy. The Foil Slate comes in four sizes and have an RRP of £1899.00.. you can 'see more' by clicking this link.. Click Here!

and just give us a Call if you are interested in one and remember.. foils are extra!

So to the tides..
aturday High is at 11.30hrs on a 6.5m Spring

Sunday's High is at 12.10hrs also on a 6.5m Spring


And that is it for tonight as I need to get out of here and find my life (I know it's at home.. somewhere!).


Have a very good weekend!


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