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Latest News - 30/11/2018

Highly Strung Diana.. Warm and Wet is Bliss!

 Once again we are at the weekend after one of the warmest, wettest , windiest and most frustrating weeks in a November I can remember. Warm?.. 12 degrees is pretty good for this time of year.. Wet?.. YES in bucket loads  and as for the winds.. frustrating as they've been rather fickle (Diana was obviousley a highly strung storm). It has been an all and then nothing week, which caught quite a few 'out' yesterday and also earlier in the week when the onshores were also up and down. As for today.. well a complete contrast as warm, sunny and a gentle breeze.. not at all like November! So the good news is that by tomorrow morning it's back to the rain and winds we all love (depending upon your point of view!) with the winds winding back up to a solid 30kts, gusting 40kts from the Sou' Sou-West in the morning and then dropping back to a Sou-West 20kts in the afternoon (rain heavier in the morning).  Sunday it locks down to a Sou-West 25-30kts and 'they say' that it should stay like that for Monday as well,  with a good quality wind forecast for the whole week EXCEPT for Tuesday.. typical as we are closed.

Bill's Short'Cast may well arrive overnight as I know he sometimes has a better local overview than my general rambling but it is looking good for a little wind sports fun this first weekend of December!
The Tides are High Saturday at 18.15hrs on a 5.2m (great as low tide midday!) and Sunday it's 19.27hrs on a 5.4m.
What.. no mention of kit? Oh OK then.. we have a rather nice RRD Bliss V5 Wood 138 x 42cm which was delivered in error and is the last 42 board in Wood construction available. The Bliss is a Freeride / Freestyle and in the wood construction it's a tad softer so it turns really well (very little spray off of the rails re. another owner who was very impressed!). More info can be found by clicking here!
If you are looking for a board of this size and you can get your hands on just £399.00.. please Call as there is only One! (Supplied with Rad Pads, handle and Flow G10 fins). 
That's my lot.. Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy whatever comes your way!

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