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Latest News - 07/12/2018

It's the Weekend.. in Winter Wonderland!

 It's happened again..Lancing 10kts.. Worthing 11kts.. Littlehampton 11kts.. Seaford 27.2kts! It's either the windiest place in this part of the World or Seaford Yacht Club has an anemometer that reads 'cleanly' in a Nor' West wind (checked again and yes.. it is that windy!!) which does seem to be the case as if you check Worthing Pier it also is showing 28kts. It will be interesting to see what wind stats we get from Seaford over the weekend.

I cannot believe it's already Friday Night and that a consecutive weekend of wind is looking possible. You have to live in hope that they won't be as up and down as last weekend but somehow I get a feeling the winds will be 'solid' through High Tide but not so reliable during the earlier hours of the day when sailing will be possible at Shoreham (especially before 9.30am when we open).
To be honest sailing S'ham at 9.30am would mean you are pretty brave as a West wind is slightly off and with the 6.3m Tide being High at 11.44hrs the 'dump' will be warmed up by then. After that you will have to pack up and wait until approx. 14.45hrs to launch again or you move West to Worthing.. or go further West to LA, which would be my choice. It's the best spot in the West Winds we have promised and launching at High tide is possible if you walk your kit down towards the estuary end of East Beach (car park right on the beach.. do pay as they do check!). The sailing there is best an hour either side of the High for the big wave lovers and mid tide gives great gaps and flat water between. Be nice to the locals though as it's a wave riders venue and they do like 'their' waves! 👍
Sunday it's currently forecast as a Nor' West wind so Bracklesham and the East and West Witt beaches will be busy (day Ticket available from Simon 2XS at West) !

A few items of used kit have come through the door today which may be of use this weekend..

A Quatro Cube (quad)110lt 2014 in fair but solid condition.. it has a few scratches from reefs etc.
Price will be around £400.00..confirm tomo.
An Ezzy Panther 2011 3.7m in VGC £180.00
An Ezzy Elite Mk3 Ltd Edition 2016 as New £295.00

No pics as yet and my sincere apologies to those of you who have Used Kit with us which has not made it onto the website as yet.. doing my best but getting pictures is proving difficult as it would either blow off down the road or.. I'd get soaked! I will do it ASAP.

So, to the weekends weather and tides..
Saturday Wind from the West 30kts gusting 45kts.
Tide is High at 11.44hrs on a 6.3m
Sunday Wind Nor' West 30kts Gusting 40kts
Tide is High at 12.19hrs on a 6.2m
emp is said to be 12°C both days so take sunscreen and plenty of water!! :)

Have a wonderful Winters Weekend and hope you enjoy this Clip of a windy Littlehampton East Beach (courtesy of Steve Flynn) that I found on You Tube.. nice Soundtrack Steve!

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