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Latest News - 10/12/2018

Email.. No replies from us??

 Monday..a bit gloomy but overall an OK day as it's not raining! ;) 

We have a slight problem though..  it appears that a batch of our email 'replies' have been ending up in peoples mail box junk folder (I know my English is pretty bad at times but..) . We think this is only from last Thursday onwards but it could have been happening earlier so please check your Junk folders if you were awaiting a reply,  as you may well find it sat in there (please add to safe senders if you can). I have no idea why this has happened as we are currently not experiencing the mass onslaught of bounced back rubbish emails when someone has spoofed your email address but it's very frustrating as  we have no idea who has recieved and who has not (we write a lot of emails!). Please do let me know if you have found one spammed. Thank you and have a good evening!

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