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Latest News - 14/12/2018

Starboard Airplane 230cm Offer!

 Anybody fancy an inflatable windsurf slalom board for £629.00??

There are a couple of Starboard Airplane 230 boards from 2017 on Clearance (RRP was £1179.00) and at that price it is a true bargain! 64.5cm wide, 135lts volume and weighs 7.7kg. It has a Tuttle fin box, is supplied with a Drake 42cm Freeride fin, a lovely wheeled stowage bag that you could use for your hols and of course.. a pump! So if you have ever fancied one but thought the RRP was a bit too much of a gamble, Now is your opportunity! Call us if you are interested and we should have it here in time for Christmas! Just a thought... :)

Click Here to see a Sales Video of the Airplane!

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