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Latest News - 14/12/2018

Ladle Land is Lit and the weekend is looking.. Chilled!

 Yo! It's the weekend ( perhaps I should say Ho..Ho.. NO!)

and it's second only to the last before we reach Christmas 2018. Once again it looks set to be a windy weekend but it's going to be tough going if the temps are as they say! Fingers crossed that  the rain is actually rain on Saturday and not sleet or snow! I guess we will find out in the morning.
Christmas has arrived at Ladleland! The fairy lights and baubles are a hangin, transforming the whole place into a..  shop. Well, it's all for the kids really but now that you are all truly in the festive mood it is a perfect time to mention that our Winter Warmer Morning will be a week Sunday ( the 23rd Dec ) between 10am and 1.00pm. Mulled Wine and nibbles will be available and glad to see any of you who can make it along.. as James will have departed to Cornwall and Home Alone was never a favourite of mine! 😀
Our opening times for the Christmas week have not yet been decided.. we will take a look at the forecast next week and I will make a Managerial Decision as to when we are and when we are not Open (it's a lousy thing to have Christmas Day fall on your Day off! ). 
Please do ask us if there's anything you have been maybe just thinking about buying or perhaps ardently pursuing on the net.. as Tiny Tim needs to be fed and kept warm at this time of year! We can always sharpen the pencil to bring a smile to a poor Christmas shoppers face.. which basically means that we will always look at a Price Match or offer a fair deal as always! 
Please don't ask me to dress up as Santa though as I am not going there... :)  
So to the weather and the Tide times.
Saturday, hmmm.. winds said to be from the Sou'Sou East running at 25kts gusting 32kts. Rain guaranteed, well hopefully rain, as the temp is expected to be around the 7° mark less wind chill so some have mentioned snow. Tide is High at 16.14hrs on a Tiny Tim 4.8m!
Sunday the winds swing to the Sou' West but sadly for some and gladly for others, will drop to around 14kts. Temp is up though as 11° is on the cards and the rain will be light, if any at all. Tide is High at 17.36hrs on an even Tinier Tim 4.7m! 
Please do check the forecasts again in the morning!
That's it for this week.. have a great time whatever you get up to!

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