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Latest News - 21/12/2018

The last 'It's the Weekend' Blog for 2018.. Hoorah!!

 Tis the weekend before Christmas and although we should be thinking of heavenly Christmas Choirs and the coming warmth and contentment of a Christmas eve by the fire.. all I can think about is that the traffic is HELL!

I don't think 'Driving Home for Christmas' counts nowadays.. crawling home maybe! I've just been to Worthing to collect a couple of sail repairs and it's pretty awful round the town centre (I used to enjoy the drive along the coast.. now I dread it). When I eventually get back to Ladle Land James tells me that the A259 is closed near Rustington and Chris the Kite Repair man ( from LA) has had to abort coming over to collect the kites. Friday nights never change.. not even when Peace and Goodwill are about to be upon us! ;)
As I mentioned earlier,  today is the shortest day of the year and tomorrow we start our trip back to Summer which is something to cheer the heart. I ,as a lover of heat,  have to say that to date the winter has been reasonably mild but as a non lover of rain it has also been just a little too wet. I am actually considering changing my name to Noah and looking into constructing a rather large boat (Mick the sail repairer has already started.. he is knocking up a new tender for his yacht) as if it keeps raining I could be onto a winning business plan, for a change. 
A few 'windy' people got wet this afternoon but the census seemed to be that the conditions failed to produce Joy and Goodwill for most (winds not as strong as supposed to be... ) but I expect someone had a good time and surely it must beat working? Talking of work.. James has been working away at discounting our current mast stock so if you are in the market for a 'pole' please take a look at the site.
Click Here for Masts!
We're open this weekend, as usual, with Nibbles etc. available on Sunday (10am till 1.00pm) and then we are open until 1.00pm on Christmas Eve for any last moment 'needs'. Now for the Tide times and the Weather for the weekend..
Saturday is showing as a 'dry' Westerly wind at approx 20kts midday and then likely to drop as the tide pulls out..  Tide is High at 10.28hrs on a 6.4m.
Sundays is looking damp with light and cyclonic winds (all over the place) until the late afternoon when they forecast that it turns to the Sou-West, picks up to 17kts gets dark! :) 
Tide is High at 11.13hrs on a 6.5m. 
And that is it for 2018! I won't be blogging next Friday as it's an 'In and Out Morning' ( only getting two extra days off above the norm in the next two weeks is a tad harsh!) so we hope you have a good weekend doing whatever you do and that your Christmas and New Year are just as you would like them to be .. but please don't make it depend upon the weather.. it's not a reliable source of fun ! 
See you Next Year!

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