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Latest News - 04/01/2019

The first of the 2019 Weekends!

 Tis the first Weekend of the Year and it's going to be a fairly quiet and chilly affair looking at the forecasts.. which could be good for those that fancy a touch of distance SUP as the sea surface should be flat close in with the 10kt offshore winds currently forecast. Advisable not to go out too far though as it's easy to think it is still 'light' when the wind is behind you.. paddling into a 10kt wind will be hard work (will warm you up though.. 😀) ! Please don't go out without a Leash and do wear a wetsuit or something that is going to keep you alive should you end up in the water for a while, as the sea temp is now 11°C which will feel cold (can drop to around 5°C by March) .

I mentioned that we had traded a couple of RRD windsurfers last week and the pics of the Hardcore V5 98lt are attached. The board has a small mark on the nose and an impact mark on the port rail which the owner says occurred pretty much as soon as he had the board (bought new in 2017) and there are no signs of water ingress in either area. The board comes with the RRD Quad fins and a K4 Scorcher so that it can be run in Tri-fin mode.
Price is £650.00.
The Firewave 112lt I will take pics of tomo as we thought it might be going back to the owner but that has now changed.
I also mentioned a while back a Used 2015 Starboard AtomIQ Tufskin 160lt with daggerboard. The board comes with two clipperbox daggers (one has a very slight bend in it so we supplied a replacement at the original sale point in 2015), the Drake fin and a Flying Objects board bag (no pics.. sorry!). The nose of the board has been damaged slightly (for a newcomer progression board these are tough) and we will repair it before collection. There is also a paint chip on the port rail. Price is £525.00
The tides for the weekend are..
Saturday 10.49hrs on a 6m 
Sunday 11.27hrs on a 6m
Both days are great for river paddling. 
That is it.. hope you have a good one!

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