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Latest News - 11/01/2019

Weekend Two and Wind it will or Wind it ...might?

 Weekend Numero Deux of the year has arrived and it's looking to be either windy or not windy.. it just depends upon the forecast you wish to go with. I still find it hard to understand how forecasts can only become 'exact' when the weather has occurred.. as per yesterday which there was no forecast of rain for on Wednesday evening or first thing in the morning (as far as my BBC Weather 'App' said.. 2% chance of precipitation) but it rained in the afternoon and evening. To be fair though the forecast was changed to rain midday.. which seemed a bit late to me. I know it can't be easy to be 'sure' but 2% seemed a pretty sure way of saying "No Rain Today". Anybody got any views on why it seems to be getting more tricky for them to get it right? Ok, so that's the forecast gripe over with...

If it is windy it looks as though it will be reasonably warm at 10-12° but will have a touch of North in the Westerly direction, so it will be a trip to the Witterings (or to your favourite N'West spot) to get the best out of it. Wind strengths range from 14kts to 32kts.. do check the late evening forecasts if you are up for it in case things change.

Talking of change.. we traded in an Ezzy 370cm C60 mast this week (owner swapped to Simmer masts to match his sails) so if you are looking for one it could be yours for £165.00 (has an Ezzy cover with it). No pics as yet but will take a couple if you would like to see it.
We also have a rather nice Ezzy Elite Ltd Edition 5.7m 2016 (special colour) that has been on our list but not on the site.. it's almost as New and up for £295.00 or near offer (a new Elite 5.7m is now £660.00) and.. there are Pictures! :)

If anyone needs or was thinking about a Red Paddle SUP Bag for their board.. as they can be used for any make of board.. we will have a spare bag available by the end of next week. Give us a call if you are interested.
Red Paddle also have a New 'Midi' sized paddle (Carbon shaft and Nylon Blade) for those that always wanted a Red Paddle paddle but due to their height were not tall enough. One of those will be arriving next week as well!
*Length 160-200cm
*Adjuster Cam Lock
*Blade Nylon
*Shaft Carbon 50
RRP £140.00

Last of all Winter Wetsuits.. if you need one then do come along and see us as there are currently deals on previous years suits in most styles (front or back zip), makes and sizes.. a New suit can of course make you really Happy in these cold conditions!

And that is that.

Tides for the weekend are..
Saturday 14.39hrs on a 5.4m
Sunday 15.22hrs on a 5.1m

Have a great time whatever you get up to and Stay Warm!

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