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Latest News - 25/01/2019

The Short'cast for this weekend in IN!

 Bill has posted his first Short'cast for this year and one to take note of if you are thinking of sailing tomo.. I am not sure if it has embedded itself so I'm re-posting.. apologies if you have seen it! Many thanks Bill...

It's the last weekend in January and so, in this depth of winter, a lot of you won't be thinking about windsurfing. But let's have a weather forecast anyway. 

A warm front has tracked through today (Friday) and that has brought some mist and sea fog, but the temperatures have also warmed up a bit. The air temperature should increase further tomorrow to reach the 10 degree threshold, but that's a temporary thing because a cold front tracks through on Saturday afternoon. 

That cold front however also brings in some wind and Saturday should see 20mph+ by midday. It starts as a SW wind but may back a bit more onshore as the afternoon rain approaches, and then the weather looks pretty wet by late afternoon.

So this probably means catching what you can, as the wind arrives. The Saturday tide times don't really help because low water is at 9am and high water at about 3pm – and that may mean sailing at places like Shoreham in marginal morning wind, or else waiting for the stronger stuff at Worthing as the tide pushes in (with the risk of then sailing in rain).

Sunday then sees further wind but the direction will be more WNW or even NW for most of the day. Air temperatures also fall again with a maximum of 6 or 7 degrees predicted – so that's maybe a bit too cold again.

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