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Latest News - 25/01/2019

The Last Hoorah in January and the 1st Half Hook'ed

 And now.. it's a big hoorah for the LAST Weekend in January! That is 4 weeks of the 8 week Winter Shutdown almost done and the light at the end of February is getting ever closer ( I know some of you will love aspects of winter in the UK as we all do but it does go on a bit!). If you have managed a trip away to warmth and a place that the SUN can be viewed on a regular basis then that helps (my Cousin called me from his home in Adelaide this morning.. yesterday they hit their hottest ever day 'recorded' at 46°) but if you have been gloom bound all the way through then it's NOT EASY to stay positive! Wind for the weekend will of course help some of you who are suffering from a related ' Lack of Life' syndrome and with the air and water temps looking to be only 36° below that of Adelaide (10° is what we have on offer for both air and sea... truly lovely!) it could be Game On for a rare but welcomed 2019 session on the English Channel (or maybe somewhere closer to 'you'). Bill has run through the weather aspects of this weekends weather and I will add Sundays tide times later but have I ever mentioned this little gizmo...

The DaKine Cobra Half Hook.. a device that some of you may have seen and others will be looking at thinking 'what the feck is that' ? The Half Hook is literally half a foot strap that is designed to aid easy EXIT of your foot in the event of a wipe out. I believe (as there is not a lot of info on these) that kite foiling is the main use it has been born for but I guess it could be used on anything that the mounting plate will allow you to fit it to. The leverage must be taken into consideration though so please think carefully as I am sure DaKine have a disclaimer should it take your beloved directional boards strap plug clean out! £24.95 for one and if anyone has used one please give us feedback! 
PS. The DaKine colour for this is 'Seaford'.. funny that as the UK Da Kine Rep lives there. Nice one Jason 👍
Time to get going and just time for the tide times..
Saturday (as Bill said) is High at 15.05hrs on a 6.1m
Sundays High is at 15.54hrs on a 5.7m
Stay warm and Have a wonderful Last Weekend of January!

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