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Latest News - 01/02/2019

Spartan Found, Got to Go List and a New Fanatic.. but not just yet!

 Did I mention in last week's post that the weather was going to take a change for the worst once we reach February? Just when the evenings were starting to get lighter and that 'feeling of LIFE' was returning we get another blast of winter delight (more snow would have been fun!) that continues into this weekend . Not sure what 'positive' there is about a band of rain or possibly wet snow to start Saturday off and as it comes with a nice Northerly breeze, just to keep the temps close to freezing. Sunday is looking better with a little 'Sun' and then it's all change again as Sou'West winds make an appearance during next week!. Of course the forecasts cannot agree on the wind strength.. Guru gives it as strong winds pretty much all week whereas the Beeb says a 'gentle breeze' becoming a 'moderate breeze' by Friday. Next weekend is a way off but they both seem to agree that it will be properly windy! We shall have to wait and see..

Currently we are in the midst of the annual stock take and it's amazing how revealing that is to what moved and what did not in a year. For some reason no one wanted wetsuits last summer, cant think why? 🤔 But we did find a few things that had gone off of the radar, like a Spartan Extreme Dryzip ! These were the last in a long line of infamously warm winter wetsuits and sold quite happily for £349.00. It's a Size Small / 48 and it's now up for only £99.00.. what a bargain and better it be used than stuck in here! (There is a small mark on the chest panel.. please don't ask for a discount! 😀 ).
Talking of bargains it's the time of year when we do like to clear out a few of the older sails and boards to make way for the New 2019 Pre-Orders which will soon be arriving. Our updated Got To Go list will appear in the Windsurf Mag March Edition but thought we should offer these Money Savers to our Local Customers first.
Running late again so it's onto the weekends winds and tides.
Saturday has winds from the Nor'Nor'West running at 20-30kts Guru or 12-14kts Beeb. Both say wet in the early morning and staying pretty chilly at 3°. Tide is High at 9.50am on a 5.5m.
Sunday, the light winds slowly turn to Sou'West and the temperature will rise as the winds increase into the evening (rain arrives Monday morning as the winds increase to 25Kts plus). High Tide is at 10.33hrs on a 5.7m.
Just a quick mention that Fanatic will be announcing a New Foiling board in the next week or so (it' a Stingray..) but more of that when we are allowed to do more than mention it!
And that's it for now. Hope your weekends plans come to fruition and if you don't have a plan.. then may your 'whatever' be just as good.


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