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Latest News - 08/02/2019

The Weekend.. now known as Erik!

 What a day! Been a while since a blow like Erik (great names!) and the two delivery drivers that turned up with 'large' boards today did not look impressed (Jamie and Charlie.. they were yours and both are fine!).

Some have loved it and others have.. just got wet! Winds were reckoned to be much higher on the water than shown by the 'meters' which meant a few hairy runs before getting the right size of kite or sail. The best I got was a good soaking bringing the kit in (very dodgy when your Donkeys Big tailgate tries to de-capitate you) and Bill Short obviously has suffered the same fate, as I asked for his view of the weekend winds and got this from him..
Yes, I'll get on it. I just got home and I'm soaked.
Brief versions is: Too windy and wet today and onshore! Very good Saturday with plenty of wind, more WSW, and with some sunshine. But tide times aren't helpful (see below). Wind slowly eases over the afternoon. Sunday may see further wind – according to some forecasts – but others say it drops too light or marginal at best. The direction also veers more westerly and then further to WNW.
Many thanks Bill! As he said Sunday was a no go.. then it was a go go and now again its possibly a No show.. which will be a shame as the tides get better for Shoreham and also for sailing at the warmest point of the day. Saturday should be GOOD!
The Tides are a bit of a bugger as the High hits at 13.39hrs on a 5.8m Saturday and then 14.11hrs on a 5.7m Sunday (small increments at the moment?) which does at least give a better opportunity during the morning and at beach like LA, you can sail right up to 1hr before High.
So it's all about Wind Sports this weekend but I am sure a lot of SUP's will be in the harbour or tucked in behind the Marina wall this weekend!
Off home to get dried out.
Thanks to the Met Office Storm Centre for a lovely shot of Erik.

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