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Latest News - 15/02/2019

It's a Time flies, Buy a Fly, Sell a Stubby, Try and then Buy sort of Weekend!

 5.20pm on a Friday evening and only now do I get started on tonight's Weekend Round Down (it used to be 'UP' but due to the devaluation of morale by a failing Brexit plan, Down seems far more applicable). Only kidding.. it's all going to be fine.. just like the weather for this weekend!

Once again wind is likely.. Saturdays winds are forecast to be almost from the Sou'West with 12-16kts on the cards.. a nice wind for foiling if the direction forecast is true, but if it has more South in it combined with the 5.3m Neap tides (which hit low at just gone 2pm) it may make it 'difficult' getting away from the beach.. without grounding out the foil! A shame if it is as the air temp is reckoned to be above 10° and I know there are customers (like Lee) hankering to get out there and try their foiling kit. 
Stronger Wind is currently forecast for Sunday but they have been downing the wind speeds every day and currently it looks to be Sou'Sou-West 19-26kts , so I would advise checking it the night before.. before making plans.
I believe that Ant Baker is holding a Patrik boards / Challenger and S2 sails demo at Widewater and demo's are renowned within the trade for killing wind forecasts.. my fingers are crossed for a break in that belief. Sun should be on the cards which is always welcome and it was good to see Tony of Karma Cleaning out in his shorts again today.. summer must be getting closer! (Tony cleans conservatories etc.. very reasonable.. does a good job.. Call him on 07949 762339 if you need any cleaning work done ). 
SUP.. is anyone looking for a Used Allround solid SUP board?? A customer is about to free up space by selling on his beloved Fanatic Fly 10'6" board (he has purchased a Starboard Hyper Nut 4 in 1.. lovely bit of kit but something in means something out). The Fly is a perfect choice for a paddler who wants just one board that they can go up the river on but who also would like to play about in the waves. It's a 2012 model (Cobra constructed.. very tough) which has had a couple of tiny repairs but otherwise is in very good condition (the marks on the rail in the pics are bits of grass). The centre fin needs a bit of a cleanup but then nearly all SUP boards around our pebbled beaches end up with marked fins. He is looking for around the £500 mark which for a board of this type is fair. Let me know if 'you' are interested and we will arrange viewing.
Another customer is on the hunt for a board.. this time it's a Fanatic Stubby 99lt Windsurfer.. anybody have one they wish to move on??
And that has to be that as it's 6.15pm now.. time to bring the kit back into the shop and head off home, to head off out, for a belated Valentines!
I hope your weekend goes well and that Fun occurs at least once, on both days. 

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