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Latest News - 15/03/2019

Never anytime.. too many boxes, more wind and POOR Muzza!

 The way things have gone today means that once again I do not have any time left to do a worthy 'Weekend Post'.

Delivery mayhem was the main culprit as we had four 2m high pallets arrive this morning of which two were not for us.. needless to say the shop was absolutely rammed until we eventually got them picked up late this afternoon.
So it is time for the stock orders and today's arrivals were the 2020 Naish Inflatable SUP boards (they are called 2019 but the original 2019 designs were dropped as soon as these super stiff board designs were shown) along with the STX Inflatable SUP range from the Dutch Company Kubus, known for its Pro Limit brand (great priced boards with extremely good quality control.. not one twisted hull in two years of production). STX start from £459.00 and the Naish start at £799.00.
No Forecast from Bill as yet which is odd as currently we do have another forecast for a windy weekend.
Saturday is Strong.. Sou'West and blowing at 30kt+ gusting around 45 kts+ .
Sunday is more Relaxed as hopefully winds from the West (could be Nor 'West) 20kts gusting 30kts. Rain showers possible both days.
Maybe Bill will put something more in depth on the site tonight.
Tide times are 'Shoreham Friendly' with the High on Saturday at 19.13hrs but on a 4.9m Neap, which can be a tad unfriendly due to the side shore currents that get going, so do watch out. Sunday High is at 20.28 on a much nicer 5.4m tide.
Talking of unfriendly and a perfect note to end this on.. someone who shall remain nameless reminded me of a lovely clip of Chris 'Muzza' Murray riding a bit too long on a wave and then he gets involved with the shore break.. guess where!
Have a great weekend and if you need anything we are here 9.30 - 5.30 Saturday and 10.00 - 1.00pm Sunday (we go to 4.00pm on a Sunday in 2 weeks time as the CLOCKS CHANGE.. Yee'ha!)

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