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Latest News - 05/04/2019

Feelin'Good then Feelin' COLD.. and then warm again plus Fanatics Aero Foils

 This time 7 days ago we had been enjoying a run of early Spring Weather which was about to be improved by the return of our summer evenings...everything was feelin'good.. but I did say 'don't look at next week's forecast' and sadly for a change,  they were spot on! COLD Wintery conditions had returned. Yesterday did bring wind (more than we thought..) and a few hardy souls managed to beat off the chill to enjoy an apparently very good South Easterly session. Today on the other hand has been a bit of a flop, as the wind speeds have been well below those forecast by some of the weather channels meaning most that tried..failed to have any fun whatsoever. Oh well... what can you do.

The cold weather may also be responsible for bringing a few plumbing issues to the shop this week. We have suffered from squidgy carpet syndrome due to leaks developing at compression joints etc. which have now been repaired but typically they have disrupted our Friday and hence tonight's post will once again be short.  We do have to say thanks to Mr Southern Water for attending to our jammed stop valve out in the road so quickly (formerly known as a Stop Cock but apparently that is no longer acceptable) and also to Phil Dobner for his help in dealing with our dripping pipe work this morning.
Don't you just love Water! 
Good news, in one way, is that the outlook for this weekend is the return of warmer conditions. Yesterday the average temperature was 7°, tomorrow it will double that to be around 14°.. whoopee do!.. but sadly for some the winds are moving back to the Nor 'East and dropping to approx. 12kts. 
SUP looks to be the favourite form of fun (foils may well be worth giving it a go if the winds are not too far offshore) and the Tides are pretty good for the local Rivers with the High Tide on Saturday being at 12.52hrs on a 6m.
Sunday the winds should drop even more and the tides will be High at 13.21hrs on a 6.1m. Perfect for a long paddle up to Shermanbury.
So that is the lot for this week.. sorry to be a bit lacking in News especially regarding the new Kit but just so you know Fanatics New Aero Foil range is now available... we now have the 2019 9'8" Diamond Air Ladies Board and Fly Air 10'4" Premium back in stock.. and the 133lt Gecko Foil Edition has arrived as well. I will try and get those featured tomorrow. Don't forget that we are now Open until 4.00pm on Sundays!

Click Here to see the New Foils from Fanatic
We hope your weekend goes just as you would like and that the rest of the world is happy to go along with your plan! Have a good one.. 

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