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Latest News - 19/04/2019

Easter weekend and it is a HOT one.. whoop!

 It's Friday evening .. The Easter weekend is well under way and the weather is FANTASTICO ! Wall to wall SUN and 20° plus. 

In comparison last Monday evening I was really chillin'.. even when wearing three layers whilst cycling up to Devils Dyke via Truleigh Hill, which if you have ever done that route you will know it is a hard pedal.. and even harder with a 20mph headwind. No 'sweat' though.. it was way to COLD! 
And Today it is get back into your Shorts weather (postman do not apply to that statement) so it is just amazing how it changes so quickly and a very good reason why we in the UK have such an interest in 'The Weather'. 
Bill sent this very quick weather report over earlier today..
"The underlying issue this weekend is that we are stuck in no-man's land beneath a fragmented Jet Stream. But that should change from April 24th onwards... Hopefully! "
(see attached weather chart).
If you have looked at the 'possible' change to our weather from next Wednesday I am sure you will be making the most of the sun now and enjoying the winds then ! :) 
We are still serving in the shop so I will have to leave it here otherwise it will be a very late evening but just to remind you that we are Open all weekend and to mention that I will be holding the fort on my own on Sunday and Monday (due to unforeseen circumstances) so do cut me a bit of slack if it is busy in here! 
Enjoy the Sun, Soak up the Heat and EAT LOADS OF CHOCOLATE.. it's *Good for You!
* For some reason there are 'Reports' on the net saying that tests have proved that Chocolate is really good for you (how strange just before Easter.. ) but that was this week and by next I am sure it will be bad for you again.

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